Getting Fly Kly products shipped in EU and Switzerland

You can get your products shipped in all EU countries and Switzerland, excluding european countries not part of the EU.

To receive Fly Kly products, pick a store in your country.

If you don't find any store in oyur country, selcet the generic one for all EU countries.

Getting Fly Kly products shipped out of the EU

If you want to receive Fly Kly products out of the EU, or in european countries not part of the EU, you can send a request to this email:

Shipping time

Fly Kly's offers both products (SmartPed, Bike and Wheel) and accessories.

In the case of products, FlyKly assembles and checks all components for every order request. This guarantees extreme levels of care and attention to our product's quality. Shipping and delivery time may vary depending on there availability.

  • Products that require a specialized set up: up to 4 weeks
  • Accessories: up to 7 days

All the shipping times mentioned may vary depending on casualities and delays on which Fly Kly has no control.

Shipping cost

Here are the shipping costs for all of the Fly Kly products.

  • Only Italy
    SmartPed, Bike e Wheels 30 €
    Accessories: from 2 € to 10 €
  • Other EU countries and Svizzera (european countries not in the EU are excluded)
    SmartPed, Bike e Wheels 100 €
    Accessories: da 5 € a 15 €

How do we calculate the shipping costs for your order?

Your order might include more than one items (products & accessories).
Each order can have up to 5 accessories. If you need more, you will have to send a new order.

For each product in your cart, the shipping cost (mentioned above) will be added to the total. 
If your order contains more than one accessory, only the highest shipping fee will be added.