Your new ride around the city

Smart Ped

1 kick = 1 km

The Smart Ped gets you anywhere around the city.
Its electric motor Zehus All in One guarantees a range of 30km and up to 1km with one single kick. The smartphone app BitRide gives you full control over the battery life and maximum speed. The foldable design makes it extremely comfortable to carry around wherever you go
Smart Ped

Revolutionary kick-assist technology

Moving around the city has never been so easy

The technology behind the electric motor guarantees a safe and comfortable ride without any push for at least 1km! If you want to customize your experience, you can simply change the settings through the smartphone app BitRide.

km battery life
km ride when fully charged
h charging time
integrated brakes

Revolutionary technology

Zehus All in One

It has always been round but never so smart!

Zehus All in One is responsive because it perceives the rider’s moves and provides the smoothest ride possible. Its heart is powered by patented innovative solutions and comes with regenerative braking system through backward pedaling for Smart Bike and through brakes for Smart Ped, so you can go even further on a single charge.

Zehus All in One has an enviable range from 30 to 40 km and can assist you up 25km/h. Its 250 W motor is powered by lithium batteries.

Everything under control

Bitride app

The Bitride app, available for both Android and iOS, connects directly with the engine of your Smart Ped and allows you to control the device's maximum speed, battery level and kick range.

Foldable in 5 seconds

Foldable design

The Smart Ped is built for you to carry it everywhere you go, effortlessly. It can be easily folded in 5 seconds so that you can carry it on the bus, car trunk or simply store it in your room.

Try it!

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Smart Ped


As low as 1.199 €

The Smart Ped is a kick-assist e-bike, designed to move effortlessly around the city. It has a smart hybrid electric motor that you can fully control through a smartphone app.

Smart Ped


As low as 1.349 €

The Smart Ped is a kick-assist e-bike, designed to move effortlessly around the city. It has a smart hybrid electric motor that you can fully control through a smartphone app Bitride. Thanks to foldable design it can be easily folded in seconds, allowing you to carry it everywhere you go.


Your safety is our priority! The Smart Ped has an efficient brakes system and efficient front and rear lights that allow you to move safely in your city.  


Need help?

If you have any question, feel free to get in touch with us!
Is the Smart Ped an electric scooter?
The Smart Ped has an electric motor but doesn't have an accelerator. To start the engine you just need to kick once, and the kick-assist system will start functioning.
How does the engine work?
The technology behind the engine is very complex, but also very easy to explain: when you kick, the engine starts, allowing you to cruise up to 1km without any effort. When you hit the brakes, you slow down and the engine stops.
What if I prefer to kick more than once in 1km?
You can fully customize your cruising experience through the BitRide app. All you need to do is changing the kick-assist range settings.
Is there a warranty on my Smart Ped?
Yes, there is a limited warranty of 2 years on your Smart Ped.
How do I turn on the e-kick bike? Off?
Your Smart Ped wakes up when you reach 6 km/h, then your smart ped will turn off automatically after 2 minutes when no action is detected. If you connected with your smartphone, the turn-off time is raised to 10 minutes.
Will I damage the battery if I run it all the way dead?
No. There’s no need to worry about over discharging your battery from riding. We have designed the system to always stay within a safe operating range while in use. However, do not let your Smart Ped stays empty for long periods of time, otherwise please charge it at least once every 45 days.
Can I make it go faster than the listed top speed?
We limit the speeds for safety. Sorry, we won’t raise the max limit for anyone nor can you access the software in any way to change that yourself as higher speeds can damage the electronics. Any alteration, tampering or modification of the electronics, battery, controller, throttle, motor, circuitry or related electrical wiring will not be serviced or supported by Smart Ped and will void the warranty. What backers do on their own after they receive their models outside the warranty is up to them.
How does the regenerative braking (KERS) work?
Regenerative braking returns charge to the battery whenever you command the Smart Ped to slow down. Examples include using braking to stop, or braking while going down a hill. Simply coasting, or kicking without engaging the brake does not put any amount of charge back into the battery.
Can I ride it off-road, jump off ramps/curbs or other hardcore trick riding?
We have engineered the scooter to handle shock and vibration, riding off curbs, doing jumps/hops, etc. To prolong the life of the product we recommend minimizing stunt riding. However, the scooter can ride off-road in general since it’s components are sealed from dust, dirt and water, or on grass or hard pack dirt. Even with the thick 16" wheels, we recommend slower speeds on loose gravel as the product was mainly designed for and performs best on paved or urban street riding and for occasional rough terrain. Please always check tire pressure before riding. Low tire pressure may result in loss of range and damage to the rims / frame.
How do I know when the battery is low?
Check easily the battery charge indicator within the BitRide app, your Smart Ped travel console.
How long of a lifecycle does the battery have?
Smart Ped uses only premium lithium cells in its battery packs. Battery pack is guaranteed for 2 years, but Riders can expect their battery to last many more (approx 5 years) under normal daily use.
Is it legal to ride the Smart Ped in my country?
European and US laws may vary. Many state laws approve the use of electric scooters in bike lanes of general road traffic and of course on private land and off-road. All countries have their own rules on light electric vehicles so it’s best to consult with your local transportation authority. Helmets are required by law in some places and optional in other places. Please check your local regulations.