Electric, wireless, all-in-one

Smart Wheel


The Smart Wheel allows you to transform your regular bike into a pedal assist e-bike in less than 5 minutes. You set it up, connect to the smartphone app and you're ready to go!
Smart Wheel
Km battery life
km ride when fully charged
h to full charge

Revolutionary Technology

Zehus All in One

It has always been round but never so smart!

Zehus All in One is responsive because it perceives the rider’s moves and provides the smoothest ride possible. Its heart is powered by patented innovative solutions and comes with regenerative braking system through backward pedaling for Smart Bike and through brakes for Smart Ped, so you can go even further on a single charge.

Zehus All in One has an enviable range from 30 to 40 km and can assist you up 25km/h. Its 250 W motor is powered by lithium batteries.

Everything under control

Bitride app

The Bitride app, available for both Android and iOS, connects directly with the engine of your Smart Wheel and allows you to control the device's maximum speed, battery level and kick range.

Smart Wheel

As low as 1.199 €

The Smart Wheel can transform your simple bike into a pedal assist e-bike in a matter of minutes. You set it up, connect to the smartphone app and you are ready to go.


Need help?

If you have any question, feel free to get in touch with us!
Is the Smart Wheel compatible with any type of bicycle?
The Smart Wheel is compatibile with 135 mm rear O.L.D. The Smart Wheel is compatibile with single speed bikes only. If you aim to use your Smart Wheel on multi-gear bikes you could have to change/adapt other components (e.g. chain, derailleur, chain tensioner...)The Smart Wheel is no compatible with disck brake. We suggest you to rely on an expert to mount the Smart Wheel on your bike.
What are the dimensions of the Smart Wheel?
There are 3 different sizes: 20’’, 26’’ and 28’’.
Can I customize the speed of my pedal-assist ebike?
Yes! All you need to do is connecting to the BitRide App to have access to the pedal-assist settings.
How do I turn on the pedal-assisted bike?Off?
Smart Wheel turns on automatically when the rear wheel reaches a speed higher than 5 km/h. Smart Wheel automatically turns off when no activities are detected within 2 minutes. When a smartphone is connected the system will stay active for 10 minutes.
How does the regenerative braking (KERS) work?
Regenerative braking returns charge to the battery while pedaling backwards.
How long of a lifecycle does the battery have?
Smart Wheel uses only premium lithium cells in its battery packs. Battery pack is guaranteed for 2 years, but Riders can expect their battery to last many more (approx 5 years) under normal daily use
Can I open my Smart Wheel?
DO NOT open the Smart Wheel yourself. The Smart Wheel is maintenance-free and must be repaired only by qualified experts and only with original spare parts. Any unauthorized attempt to open the unit will void warranty claims.
Can I charge my Smart Wheel with a compatible charger?
No. Charge the battery pack only with original FlyKly battery charger. Damage can occur while using non original charging devices.
Is a bicycle with a Smart Wheel legal in cities?
Yes. Smart Wheel meets Pedelec requirements. Anyway, we advise to check your local regulations.